BTS Jin Makes Surprise Appearance on ‘Schwita’ Before Enlistment

Reporter Haeseon Han | 2023.06.11 00:20

/Photo = YouTube ‘Schwita’ video capture

Jin, a member of the group BTS, made a surprise appearance on ‘Schwita’.

On the 11th, on BTS’ official YouTube channel, ‘Bangtan TV’, Jin appeared as a guest in the ‘Schwita’ content hosted by Suga. Jin appeared in ‘Schwita’ ahead of his military enlistment in December of last year, and in the video that day, the subtitles said, ‘It was released in warm June at the request of the artist’.

Jin appeared as the first guest after ‘Schwita’ was regularly organized. “I played games, met my family, I thought I had no friends, but there were quite a few people who wanted to see me,” she said.

/Photo = YouTube ‘Schwita’ video capture

Next, Jin joked, “As for how busy I am, it’s four days before enlistment. But Suga said, ‘He asked me to come out,’ so I came out.”

When Suga asked Jin why he appeared on ‘Schwita’, Jin said, “The members said, ‘Brother, ‘Schwita’ go out once.’ I came out after hearing it.”

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