Brussels gang “buys” 16-year-old girl to prostitute her

The Brussels gang “bought” the young woman and then sold her body to her “customers”.

During the night of January 4 to 5, agents from the Brussels-South zone intervened to save the young girl from this organized gang. They are our colleagues from Het Nieuwsblad and sudpresse who related these facts. The modus operandi of thugs is cold in the back. First of all, the girl’s boyfriend, who had reported missing in France, took advantage of her school dropout and her distress to sell her to the gang. Amount of the operation: 2,000 euros. Two Brussels rappers named “LE You” and “Aze2dine” are suspected.

This unscrupulous boyfriend knew about the prostitution activities of this gang, which locked the teenager in a cellar. They then organized themselves to offer the girl’s services for 150 euros an hour to “customers”.

According to the two newspapers, around 160 men came into contact in two weeks with the victim, who was finally able to be found thanks to the alert given by an acquaintance. The sexual acts were said to have taken place in the Uccloise house where it was delivered as well as in an Ixellois hotel.

The seven suspects were all placed under arrest warrant for the head of prostitution exploitation of a minor over 16 years old with the circumstance that this is the main activity of an association and deals with Human being. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office indicates that there are other victims, also French, who are seeking to be identified.

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