Bridal fashion in New York has a Cuban name: Lázaro Pérez

Lazaro Perez

Bridal fashion in New York has a Cuban name: Lázaro Pérez. But who is this man whose dreamy dresses make brides in the world‘s capital sigh?

The designer came to the city of Chicago in the early 1960s with his family and his mother was a sewing and cutting teacher. With that example, Lázaro Pérez enrolled at the Ray College of Design and over time gained the attention of the industry.

His spectacular creations led to the dressmaker being awarded the Best New Bridal Design while he was still a student.

Later, Lázaro traveled to the great city of New York and worked as an apprentice at the Galina-Bouquet bridal house.

He soon became a benchmark in bridal haute couture as the official designer of the collection that bears his name. Lázaro Pérez is also designer from the renowned label Tara Keely, belonging to JLM Couture Inc., a New York textile manufacturer and a leader in the fashion industry.

Its collections are inspired by romanticism and classic elegance. For this reason, lace and flowers are part of those designs that have even appeared in prestigious magazines such as California Wedding Day.

Lázaro Pérez has participated in the most important fashion events in the world, including Bridal Fashion Week in New York, where he exhibits his sought-after wedding dresses.

Likewise, countless television programs such as The Today Show, Good Day LA, American Latino TV have promoted the creations of this Cuban designer.

In 2001 Lázaro Pérez was awarded Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry in the category of Style Innovator for Wedding Dresses, as well as Designer of the Year. In 2004 he received the Couture Bridal Award for the magazine Wedding Dresses.

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