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Braulio, Canarian Music Honor Award 2023 – Point-blank song

The Gran Canarian singer Braulio will receive the Honor Award in the 5th edition of the Canarian Music Awards which will be presented at the gala that will take place on Tuesday, December 12 at the Training and Congress Palace in Puerto del Rosario, on the island of Fuerteventura.

The members of the jury of the Canary Islands Music Awards wanted, with this award, to recognize the intense artistic career and contribution of one of the great figures in the field of music in the Canary Islands. In 49 years of career and 78 years of age, Braulio has the privilege of being one of the most universal singers of the Canary Islands, holding, among other recognitions, that of Favorite Son of the city where he was born, Santa María de Guía, Can Silver Medal of the Arts of Gran Canaria and Gold Key of the city of Miami. His prolific discography with 20 works released on the market and his countless concerts, place him on the podium of the artists who have transcended the most over the years, with a legion of followers who have remained faithful throughout his career. .

Many groups from the Islands and abroad have performed some of their popular songs, such as the unforgettable Alfredo Kraus, Cheo Feliciano, Dyango, José Vélez, Los Gofiones, Mestisay, Massiel or Los Sabandeños, among many others.

A race carved between Spain and America

Braulio is also one of the few artists who has found it necessary to start his career twice, managing to succeed on both occasions, because, after having a very consolidated career in Spain, he decided to move to America where he received support. of the public and the specialized media. The affection for Braulio in Miami, where he resides, is such that August 24 is recognized in that city as ‘Braulio Day’.

The singer has participated in festivals such as Benidorm (1973, 75 and 81); Alcobendas (1974 and 75). With the song, written by him, ‘Sobran las Palabras’ reached sixteenth place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976. He won the First Prize and Silver Seagull at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile in 1979 and also won awards in Rostock in 1980 and in Japan in 1982.

Braulio’s collaborations with great national and international artists are countless. His work ‘The Beautiful and the Prohibited’ was nominated for a Grammy and went platinum four times. In addition, his albums ‘Reencuentro’, ‘In the prison of your skin’, ‘With all the senses’, ‘Survivors of love’, ‘Just 20 years’ and ‘Between love and desire’ were recognized with the Record of Gold, awarded by the Sony company.

His songs describe real-life situations, are rooted in society and the times he has lived in, and move away from stereotypes, the beaten path and abstractions. Their themes reach the heart, they are fresh, they know how to play with humor and impudence, they reach the core and contain accurate morals. All this makes him an artist who fills venues wherever he goes, creating expectation and making the public enjoy his compositions.

Previous winners

The composer and director of the Sabandeños, Elfidio Alonso from Tenerife, received the award in 2018; in 2019 it went to Gran Canarian Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Bautista, singer and founder of the soul and rock group Los Canarios; In the 2021 edition, the award went to María Mérida from El Hierro, with the Taburiente group from Palma being the last to receive this distinction last year awarded by the Canary Music Awards Association.

The Canary Islands Music Awards are established as a recognition of the creation, diversity and artistic quality of musical productions in the Canary Islands. They seek to discover new talents, bring the musical production process closer to the public and have the main support of the Canarian Institute of Cultural Development of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura. The Canary Music Awards Association, in collaboration with the Canarias Radio station, had previously organized this gala, which is now moving to the island of Fuerteventura, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Canarias Radio co-organizer of the Canary Islands Music Awards

The importance of Canary Radio as co-organizer lies in its fundamental role in the promotion and dissemination of Canarian music throughout its existence. By providing a platform to emerging and established artists, the station has contributed to the enrichment and vitality of the music scene in the Canary Islands, reaching a diverse audience. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to supporting and fostering local talent, as well as celebrating the musical wealth of the Islands.

In addition, the Canary Music Awards have the collaboration of the brands Cultural area of ​​El Corte Inglés, Ahembo con Pepsi Maxthe music store Musland y Tropical brand that celebrates its 100 years.

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