Brand brings Princess Diana’s iconic sweaters back to life …

The British Princess Diana used to often appear in public wearing a striking sweater, including a model with sheep. Now, the Rowing Blazers label is celebrating her style with a new collection of sweaters inspired by her favorite designs.

Princess Diana, who died in late July 1997, has often been praised for her sense of style. She often chose to wear striking sweaters. One of the hippest items in her wardrobe was a red sweater with white sheep and one black animal on it. She also had a pink model with the quote ‘I’m a luxury’ on.

Her bold choices – she also had biker shorts and blazers in her wardrobe – made Diana the first woman in the British palace to show an interest in fashion. To honor her, American Rowing Blazers teamed up with the beloved princess’ favorite brands: Warm & Wonderful and Gyles x George.

The designers at these labels, Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir respectively, are releasing a collection of sweaters with a nod to the Princess of Wales. Some models are an exact copy of her pieces. The Diana sweaters are on sale from 312 euros. Via the website You can have the brand delivered in Belgium, but keep in mind that import costs will be added to that amount.


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