Boubacar Siddighy Diallo defends Gaoual: “the internet is a tool”

This Thursday, November 30, 2023, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, the government spokesperson, reacted to the restrictions on access to social networks. The Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy made a statement on the sidelines of the press briefing after the council of ministers.

For the government spokesperson, « The internet is not a right. It’s not cut, it works », declared the Government spokesperson.

Joined by the Editorial team of Conakry Info , Boubacar Siddighy Diallo, president of the UMP party, suggested that the internet is a tool. According to him, forms of expression are not restricted in Guinea.

« You know, freedom of expression is enshrined, now free expression is not only a tool, the Internet is a tool, you have the radios, the public press, you have the town criers who were the first form of public expression and all other forms of public communication. And I believe that in Guinea these forms are not restricted, no one is restricted on what they have to say unless it goes against the laws and standards of the republic. Now, if a single element in all these tools is impacted due to technical issues, we cannot in any case go so far as to say that freedom of the press is restricted. The press is not limited to the online press and it does not make up 10% or 20% of the number of instruments of liberal expression that exist, so yes if he says it, he has the right to say it and I think we need to put things into perspective “, explained Boubacar Siddighy Diallo.

For the former member of the National Assembly, instead of attacking governments, he invites media people to go to those who have the power to carry out such acts.

« No, I say that we must put into perspective what people say, that is to say as long as there is not an official material act and notice, we cannot speak of a ban or of obstructions or respects. You know, journalists should have gone to identify the causes of these disturbances. There are only two bodies that can give them the right answer, GUILAB and ARDT. Now, when they politicize their fight and they attack the minister, the government, they attack everyone, they shout, they inflame, ultimately it no longer becomes a material claim of failure, it now becomes a political or politicized claim. I want people to be free. But when there are breakdowns or technical problems, we must identify the origin of these problems before attacking politicians “, declared Boubacar Siddighy Diallo.

Regarding this assertion by Minister Gaoual, Boubacar Sidighy Diallo underlines that the comments of the government spokesperson in no way prove the guilt of the government behind this restriction.

« This does not affirm, before a judge, it is not an affirmation that it is them. When you say that the Internet is not a right, that does not mean that you are the one who restricted the Internet. Does Minister Gaoual have a button he can press? To restrict someone’s access to the Internet, you need authorized devices, equipment, structures that exist in Guinea. », Reacted this Friday the president of the UMP.

Sam Bantigel

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