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Bose S1 Pro+ Preview: All-in-One PA Speaker with Upgraded Sound – Price & Availability

BOSE S1 PRO+ preview All-in-One PA speaker, small size, easy to carry. But upgrade the sound even better. 3-channel separate mixer supports connecting a variety of devices.

It’s known as BOSE, even people who don’t use audio equipment will still know it. Because it is a leading brand from America. that has been famous for a long time, today, Offside will introduce BOSE S1 PRO+ It is a further developed model from the popular model S1 Pro that was launched in 2018, improving from the design of the appearance to look more elegant and modern. Ready to add sound system technology and connectivity to better support the current era.

For anyone wondering what a PA speaker is? The word PA is an abbreviation of the word “Public Address”. It is a speaker designed for use in broadcasting sound in wide open areas. We often see it used like small stage event Because it is not large Easy to disassemble and move.

The assembly work is meticulous and strong. The construction material is made of lightweight but strong aluminum. The exterior material is durable polypropylene.

The machine is designed to be easily moved. With a weight of just 6.5 kilograms (compared to the previous model’s 6.8 kilograms), the top has a handle. causing it to be used in various places comfortably

and also designed to be used in a variety of formats Either upright for normal use, placed upright at 30 degrees, placed horizontally to use as a Stage Monitor speaker, or can be installed on a standing pole.

Audio performance: Inside there is one 6-inch Woofer speaker and three 2.25-inch Tweeter speakers arranged in front of the Woofer, facing at different angles. It has a total output power of 150W, capable of covering a wide area for rooms with a capacity of 50-60 people.

At the same time, the speaker also has a 3-channel mixer in channels 1 and 2 for use with microphones and musical instruments, while channel 3 is used to connect audio via Bluetooth or AUX cable.

On the back of the device is a newly designed interface. Easy to use controls and has an OLED screen for displaying settings. The display adjusts according to the speaker’s setup. With large signal meter bar It helps to see the signals coming in each channel. There are also knobs for adjusting volume, treble, bass and reverb.

In addition to having complete connection ports If you want to use wireless at a high level Separate accessories are also available. that can be purchased for additional use

BOSE Wireless Mic/Line Transmitter – XLR wireless transmitter to replace wired dynamic microphones Turn it into a wireless microphone easily Just plug it into the microphone port and use it immediately.

BOSE Wireless Instrument Transmitter 1/4″ Supports use with all types of musical instruments. Whether it’s a guitar, bass or ukulele that has an output channel like a TS Phone or 6.3mm jack, just plug it in and use it to connect to sound.

The speaker is also designed to have a slot for storing wireless transmitting devices. To charge the battery for the device and convenient to store together

To adjust the speaker settings Add more convenience By controlling it through the Bose Music App application on your smartphone, you can use it as a remote to adjust various sound settings. It also uses ToneMatch technology to easily balance microphone and instrument settings on channels 1 and 2.

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and provides true wireless use, speakersBOSE S1 PRO+ There is also a built-in battery. that can be used for up to 11 hours (takes 5 hours to charge) at normal volume levels

Price and availability of BOSE S1 PRO+ speakers and accessories

  • BoseS1 Pro+ Price 33,790 baht
  • BOSE Wireless Mic/Line Transmitter – XLR Price 6,200 baht
  • BOSE Wireless Instrument Transmitter 1/4″ Price 6,200 baht

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