Borissov arranged migrant pressure with Erdogan to hit Radev and Rashkov

The former Bulgarian prime minister wanted at all costs to discredit Radev and caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, who undertook to restrict the purchase of votes for the July 11 elections.

It is said that Borissov did other services to Erdogan, which were to the detriment of the Bulgarian state and tarnished its name around the world. Therefore, Erdogan could not refuse his request, even though the service is in the “dirty orders” column.

We do not have concrete evidence of the agreements between Borissov and Erdogan during their July 3 meeting in Istanbul, but there is indirect evidence. GERB MP Alexander Ivanov has been circulating in the media for some time, claiming that there is migrant pressure from Turkey to Bulgaria, which began about a month ago. So far it has not been, but it is already there. And Ivanov insists that this is happening because Boyko Rashkov and President Radev directed all efforts and Interior Ministry officials to repressive actions against GERB on the eve of the elections and thus weakened border control and illegal entry into Bulgaria.

This assumption is not supported by facts, except by one – many groups of the population, who in the last elections voted for GERB in an organized manner after proper motivation, this time did not go to the polls. Borissov and GERB cannot swallow this. Do you remember…

However, the version of Borissov’s agreement with Erdogan is more plausible. First: it coincides exactly at the time, as MP Ivanov himself mentions. Second: Borissov constantly brags about how great his friend is the Turkish president, with whom he got along very well. Third, but not important: All the nonsense on the subject of “migrant pressure” and attacks on the president and the interior minister fit perfectly with Boris’s propaganda, behavior and “values.”

In fact, the thesis of migrant pressure is purely propaganda. The flow generally increases during the summer months. Photos of foreigners, as shown by GERB, can be taken at any time, anywhere and mean nothing. In addition, the disgraced Alexander Ivanov does not give any meaningful explanation as to whether the networks at the border, which cost hundreds of millions, work and if not, why.

Even propaganda and attacks need to be better thought out to sound at least a little plausible. The fabrications in question show helplessness and offend the audience.

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