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Booba unveiled a short extract of an unreleased track this Wednesday, December 30 on his Twitter …

The deletion of his Instagram account has in no way caused a drop in his activity on social networks. It is now on Twitter that Booba continues to express himself through his various clashes and rants, his humor and his music. Thus, Kopp posts there exclusives for his community and his fans who wait ULTRA, whose release date is not yet known. He therefore unveiled a new extract of an unreleased track. A video taken at the wheel of his car in which he reveals the first measures of the title. “Small freestyle Barbapapa”, He confided in the caption of the post. Still aboard his racing car, Booba had already unveiled a short passage from another song on December 25 …

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Booba’s rant on Twitter

This December 29, the Duke reposted on the blue bird social network the extract of a BFMTV report, which went to meet Mauricette, a 78-year-old French woman vaccinated against Covid-19. Booba then captioned the post with the following hashtags: “#Jesuismauricette # sacrébilou”. A tweet that a French media wanted to use to create the buzz. They then wrote an article about it, writing: “Booba mocks the 1st Frenchwoman vaccinated against Covid-19!Quickly aware of the paper, B2O spoke about it, saying: “Booba’s mother is older than Mauricette. And when Booba sees Mauricette he thinks of his mother and he is sad and helpless. Bunch of fat shits!”. A reaction he accompanied by an extract from an ad for Action Man toys, where the character eliminates his enemies (in this case the article in question). In the following tweet, Kopp then posted a screenshot of that same deleted post, captioning the photo, writing: “Thanks Action Man”. One thing is certain, the Duke does not lack humor, nor power of persuasion …


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