Bonus 600 euros, Ubaldo Bocci: “I got it for charity”

Also Ubaldo Bocci, coordinator of the center-right in Palazzo Vecchio who in 2019 challenged Dario Nardella in the race for mayor of Florence, asked for, and obtained, the INPS bonus designed for professionals in difficulty due to the Covid emergency.

Former Azimut executive, a income of 254 thousand euros a year (referred to 2018), Bocci explained that he had no financial problems: but that he had done so “to prove that the government was wrong by not giving ad hoc money to disabled and drug addicts” and to have “given everything to charity”.

“Yes, I took the € 600 bonus”, he said. «I’m not saying it today but I said it when the other group leaders arrived in public in March to reiterate that the mechanism was wrong. I paid them in April and May to charity».

“I didn’t ask for them. My accountant asked for them. I don’t even remember if he warned me, ”Bocci said, echoing what appears to be one line of defense increasingly shared. “When they told me I took the first 600 euros, the next in April, I added more and donated them to an association against drugs, to another that provides assistance to the poor and to an orphanage in India”.

“He knows that,” he told al Courier service, “Since I have no longer been on the board of Azimut since 2019 and my income has dropped by a third, could I also ask for the next bonus of one thousand euros? It is a wrong law. But what I am I don’t owe to anyone. I also paid for the whole election campaign, towards the allowance for charity. The real problem is not the municipal councilors: in Florence in a year they earn less than a regional councilor in a month ».

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