Boeing employees are again offered a voluntary departure scheme | NOW

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has offered its employees a voluntary departure arrangement for the second time this year. This is evident from a letter that CEO Dave Calhoun has sent to the staff.

The entire aviation industry is severely affected by travel restrictions and reduced air travel demand as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Boeing offers employees of the divisions involved in commercial aircraft and services and board positions a departure arrangement.

“Unfortunately, layoffs are a difficult but necessary step to adapt to the new reality, ensure we maintain sufficient liquidity and position ourselves well to grow again in the future,” Calhoun writes. “We expect the market to lag behind for the next three years.”

Boeing has not set a target for the number of people who can register for the voluntary severance package with severance pay. Anyone who falls under the listed divisions is encouraged to take advantage of them.

The first scheme that Boeing came up with in April aimed to reduce the workforce from 160,000 people by 10 percent. More details about the new scheme will be announced on August 24.

Boeing also had a difficult time before the corona crisis. The Boeing 737 MAX, the new short- and medium-haul aircraft, has been grounded since March last year after two crashes due to software defects.

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