They are two giants among many dwarfs: in addition to dozens of small aircraft such as the Cessna 152, Piper PA-32 or Cirrus SR22, there have been two Boeing 747-400s at Twente Airport near Enschede in the Netherlands since the weekend. The two jumbo jets with the registration D-ABTL and D-ABOV belong to Lufthansa.

The D-ABTL arrived in Enschede on Saturday morning (June 6) from Frankfurt, the D-ABOV was flown in from Beijing. These are the first two of six Boeing 747s that Lufthansa is storing at the Dutch airport. The airline disagreed with reports that the four-engined vehicles in Enschede should be dismantled directly.

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In the picture gallery above you can see photos and a video of Lufthansa Boeing 747, which are now in the Enschede.