Bod Chiari syndrome is a rare liver disease that occurs in adults and children. Learn about it

Bod Chiari syndrome It causes constriction or obstruction of the hepatic veins and this stops the normal flow of blood from the liver to the heart, and can cause a blockage in the liver slowly over time or suddenly, and it may occur due to a blood clot. The researchers said that the hepatic vein thrombosis is another name for this syndrome, and it has many types It affects adults and children and has no apparent symptoms, according to the American medical site “HealthLine”.

What are the types of iPod Chiari?

Types of Chiari pod in adults

In adults, Bod Chiari syndrome may appear as different types, depending on how quickly the symptoms appear or the amount of liver damage, and these types include:

Chiyari Chodi Chod

This is the most common type of syndrome and symptoms occur slowly over time, and approximately 50% of people with chronic body Chiari syndrome have kidney problems..

Acute Chiari

Acute Chiari pods occur suddenly, and people of this type develop symptoms such as stomach pain and very rapid swelling.

IPod Chiari blitz

This rare type occurs faster than chronic Chari Pod, and symptoms appear at an unusual speed and may lead to liver failure.

Children’s chard pod

Bud-Chari syndrome is more rare in children, and there are no unique types in children.

According to a 2017 medical study in London, two thirds of children with this syndrome have an underlying condition that causes blood clots..

Children with CHARI usually have chronic symptoms that develop slowly, as liver damage does not occur suddenly, but it is more common in children and can occur in children at the age of 9 months..

What are the symptoms of Pod Chiari?

The signs and symptoms of Bod Chiari syndrome depend on the severity of the condition, can be very simple or very serious, and about 20% of people with CHRI have no symptoms at all..

Signs and symptoms include:

Pain in the right upper abdomen

Vomiting and nausea


Weight loss

Liver damage

Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)


Stomach swelling or bloating (ascites)

High blood pressure in the liver (portal hypertension)

Swelling of the body or leg (edema)

Blood in the vomit (rare symptoms)

What causes Bod Chiari syndrome?

Bod Chiari syndrome is rare, and it usually occurs along with a blood disorder.

Blood disorders that can lead to Pod Chiari syndrome include the following:

Sickle cell disease

Lots of red blood cells

Myeloid dysplasia syndrome (bone marrow disorder)

– .

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