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BMW teases the Concept i4, its long-awaited electric sedan

BMW should unveil a version close to production of the Concept i4, its first electric sedan, at the Geneva motor show which opens its doors on March 3, 2020. A short video tease its slender lines, without completely lifting the veil on its design. We already know that it will be a monster of autonomy (600+ km) and power with up to 530 horses.

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BMW’s first electric sedan is turning around with the i4, a concept that the automaker is expected to present an iteration close to production at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens on March 3. A short video posted on Twitter gives us a first glimpse of its lines. We are talking about an overview – for now BMW is only mounting the pressure in view of the presentation of its car.

The video therefore shows… an invisible i4 concept, rendered on which falls a brilliant liquid which sketches the forms without saying too much. One thing is certain: this electric sedan will look like other BMWs, notably the 3 Series. Even if we could have expected a little more risky choices, given the space available thanks to the electric train.

So there is indeed an imposing grille, a very aerodynamic slender roof, and a very small trunk. In a press release taken up by Autoblog, Adrian van Hooydonk, vice president of the design branch at BMW simply says that the design of the i4 will be “Dynamic, clean and elegant. In short: a perfect BMW with the advantage of emitting no greenhouse gases “.

Some of its technical characteristics are known in passing. BMW says electric sedan will have 600 km range thanks to 80 kWh battery – BMW adds “The electric motor developed for the BMW i4 delivers a maximum of 390 kW / 530 horsepower”. Enough to go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds, and to exceed 200 km / h.

In addition, the automaker says the car will be compatible with charging power up to 150 kW. BMW claims that the charge then reaches 80% after 35 minutes, and that 6 minutes of charge gives it a range of 100 km. After the launch of the i3 in 2013, it looked like BMW was going to decline electric cars i4, i5 and other models.

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However, it took 7 years for the manufacturer to announce the upcoming launch of three new electric vehicles. In addition to the Concept i4, BMW is also preparing to market the iX3 by the end of the year as well as the iPnexT in 2021.

Source: Autoblog

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