BMW AG’s recall measures currently seem endless

Hamburg (ots) – Many BMW drivers are currently unsure how to react to
Respond to the recall measures of BMW AG “Control unit programming (DDE)”.
must. HAHN Rechtsanwälte law firm had a large number of consumers
already through the BMW assistance campaigns 0013450300, 0013500300 and 0013670300
AG informed. Now the recall actions with codes 0013710300,
0013720300, 0013690300, 0013700300, 0013730300, 0013740300, 0013780300,
0013790300 and 0013800300 have been added. Again, the control units of
BMW diesel cars are reprogrammed. Hamburg lawyer Christian
Rugen von HAHN Rechtsanwälte recommends doing this before reprogramming
Get information on planned measures. “We already have one
has collected a great deal of information on BMW diesel engines, “explains the lawyer
To scold. “Consumers can also find out the consequences for ourselves
inform, “continues Rugen. HAHN Rechtsanwälte is focused on consumer protection
specialized and took current events as an opportunity
Provide consumers with free information.

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