Blood Melts from Irvan’s Cheeks, Jessica Does A Surprising Thing When She Knows Her Father Is Lying: The Drama of Love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Drama Love Bond 16 November 2021, will likely tell Jessica who was hysterical after knowing that Irvan dare to lie to him.

soap operas Love Bond re-airing today on RCTI, starting at 19.45 WIB, if there is no change in broadcast hours.

This article is about story snippets Love Bond in the previous episode and a little story prediction in tonight’s episode.

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In last night’s episode it was told Jessica eating together Irvan. After eating, Jessica He also told his intention to immediately return to the rehab to his father, namely: Irvan.

Irvan I’m working hard on how to make it Jessica no longer returning to the Harapan Kasih rehab home.

Irvan assume if Jessica found by someone else it will jeopardize the secret that he has been holding.

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Use to deceive Jessica, both hands Irvan holding his head and he sighed a little dizzy.



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