Blood donation from ‘Vosvos’ car owners to Kızılay

Classic car owners, also known as ‘Vosvos’ in ANKARA, donated blood to Kızılay after taking a city tour.


You clubs, AnkaraTurkish in Red CrescentOrganized a blood donation event with the slogan ‘You Give Blood, Red Crescent Give Life’. The group of about 50 people came together in Vosvos Park in Yenimahalle district, made a city tour with their vehicles and came to the front of the blood donation bus in Etimesgut. Car owners, who attracted attention with their colorful vehicles, donated blood accompanied by their music. Stating that the event is a social responsibility project, Olgun Şensoy, a member of Ankara Vosvos Clubs, said, “Today, with the participation of many Vosvos clubs from Eskişehir, Bolu and Ankara, we came together to donate blood to the Turkish Red Crescent. Both to attract the attention of our citizens and to set an example. We organized such an event to be



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