Blizzard launches Overwatch 2 servers on all platforms

Yesterday Blizzard closed the servers of the original Overwatch for good and today it launched Overwatch 2: the game is officially available on all current platforms, including Nintendo Switch. There may be problems with entry due to the queue.

The owners of the original certainly have access, but the rest is still unclear: players write that they have to restart several times, then the sequel will appear in the library.

In fact, Overwatch 2 is a modified first part. There aren’t many global changes, but the developers removed some cards, added a new mode, made hero changes, and added three new characters: Sojorn (attacker), Queen of Junkertown (tank), and Kiriko (medic).

Also, a major innovation was the Battle Pass: Overwatch 2 ditched loot in favor of pass leveling. Now players will be able to receive new skins, emotions, replicas and graffiti through it.

Blizzard promises to actively support the shooter and gradually fill it with content so the game doesn’t die, as happened with the original Overwatch. In 2023, the developers promise to release a cooperative story mode, which is a big bet.

In honor of the release, Blizzard has released a special video.

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