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‘Blindly Married’ Men Go On Date With Their New Dad…

Photo: Instagram Sven Soetens

For Sven, Davy and Dennis ended Blindly married not the dream wedding they’d hoped for. But in the meantime, the three men have found love elsewhere. Last weekend they went on a date with their new partners.

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It is the nestor of the suit, wedding photographer Sven Soetens (51), who sent a report of the date into the world. After he and ex-partner Veerle left the Blindly marriedadventure, Sven met his new girlfriend Petra. During an outing, he took his fellow candidates Davy Casteleyn (33) and Dennis Volkaerts (34) in tow. They did make it to the end of the recordings of the VTM program, but saw their marriages with Hanne and Nathalie strand. Davy is now with Julie, Dennis with a childhood friend.

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The six opted for a walk and a picnic. That the atmosphere was good, can be seen from the photos. In it, Sven winks at the experts of Blindly married, which the men could not help with the perfect match. “East west, own expertise best”, writes Sven. “That it was fun”, Dennis agrees with the photos.

Of the four couples who took part in the sixth season of Blindly married, only one marriage survived. Candice Martens (31) and Marijn Lenaerts (36) are still a couple.

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'Blindly Married' Men Go On Dates With Their New Partners

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