Black Nozzle Appears at Pertamina Gas Station in Tangsel, Is There New Fuel?


A unique appearance appears on Pertamina gas stations which is in South Tangerang. You can see the black nozzle at the Pertamina gas station in South Tangerang.

However, the appearance of this black nozzle does not indicate a new type of fuel, but rather indicates a place for filling Pertalite with price Premium.

Indeed, since last September 13, Pertamina has provided a discount on the Pertalite type of fuel. Pertalite is priced the same as Premium.

From monitoring detikcom, at the gas station in Pondok Cabe Raya, Thursday (17/9/2020), this program is already running. Likewise, the appearance of the black nozzle at the fuel filling station.

Pertalite which initially costs Rp 7,650 per liter, is discounted to Rp 6,450 per liter. The note that this discount is only for two-wheeled vehicles and yellow plate vehicles.

“This is a special Pertalite price, the price is the same as Premium. It will be sold from this week to November, two months,” said Hamid, one of the fuel filling officers at a gas station located in Cirendeu, Thursday (17/9/2020).

A black nozzle appears at a gas station in Tangsel, what’s wrong? Photo: Herdi Alif Al Hikam / detikFinance

Hamid said that during this discount program, his party did not sell Premium.

“There’s no Premium, we already have this program, we don’t know whether it’s still like this or not,” said Hamid.

Meanwhile, of notes detikcomPertamina itself decided to provide this Pertalite discount program in order to improve environmental quality by using higher quality fuel.

Pertamina Subholding Commercial & Trading CEO Mas’ud Khamid said, this promo is aimed at areas where the use of Premium fuel is still high.

“So we choose a location where the premium usage is still high but the purchasing power is good,” he said at the DPR Jakarta Complex, Wednesday (18/9/2020).

He said the discount had already been given in Denpasar and South Tangerang. Then, this program will still target big cities on the island of Java and then continue to Sumatra.

(ara / ara)


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