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Bitcoin will go crazy and take off: the forecast of currencies has been announced

Well-known analyst Willie Wu, who deals with forecasts in the cryptocurrency market, said that in the coming months Bitcoin will “go crazy.” After the savings, the holders of the cryptocurrency will announce their presence, which will significantly boost the rate.

As Wu revealed on his podcast What Bitcoin DidLong-term holders or organizations that have held their bitcoins dormant for at least five months will announce their presence in the coming months.

“This is a macrocycle. You saw it at the bottom of 2015, 2014. You saw it partially in 2019, and in fact, you saw it during 2020, when we returned,” the expert explained. This will lead to a significant run-up and take-off of cryptocurrencies.

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The last time with such a run, Wu adds, bitcoin has risen in price six times (up to 60 thousand dollars per coin). The next peak is expected in October-November 2021, the expert added.

“This thing is about to go crazy,” added the expert. Wu also says he looks at the data on the web and believes this cycle is different from the 2013 bull market. According to Wu, he doesn’t believe the current bull race will end in one massive spike.

As previously wrote OBOZREVATEL:

  • v JPMorgan predictsthat in the long term, the price of bitcoin could exceed $ 146 thousand. The bank’s representatives noted that in the future, cryptocurrency will gradually replace gold as a “defensive asset”;

  • the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit Nikolay Udyansky predicted that after the fall of the bitcoin rate again will rise to 70 thousand per coin.

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