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Bitcoin on April 5, 2020

The ascent of Bitcoin (BTC) continued yesterday, April 4, 2020: the BTC closed the day with a small green candlestick. The market is fairly flat today, April 5, 2020: Bitcoin is trading around $ 6,790. In these difficult times for the BTC, John McAfee has made his own again. Fortunately, there are still analysts who have the ability to positively enlighten the crypto community on Twitter to compensate for some nonsense.

A cleaner market?

Bitcoin ended yesterday, April 4, 2020, around $ 6,870: he stayed there for a good 5 hours – 3 hours late yesterday and 2 hours early today – before go back down to the level of 6 790 USD.

The BTC has been less volatile in the past 24 hours even though it has still not managed to consolidate above $ 6,800.

The positive point: he approaches it slowly (and surely?). The market BTC Has it finally “got rid” of the traders who are waiting for the 6,800 USD to liquidate their positions? Or is this calm only due to this weekend of confinement?

He has no idea

Bran-don tweeted yesterday to tackle controversial popularity – but, maybe not for his million followers on Twitter – of John McAfee.

For Bran-don, McAfee owes its popularity to Bitcoin. The old McAfee just replied laconically that he had no idea and that Bitcoin was worth nothing. McAfee has now set its sights on the MakerDAO ((DAI), the Monero ((XMR) and theEthereum ((ETH).

Let’s end this article on a positive note: the moon also posted a tweet yesterday, in which he says he expects Bitcoin dominance reaches 90% during this financial crisis.

The last time the dominance of the BTC reached such a rate, it was in January 2016. This tweet was obviously greeted with enthusiasm by fans of Bitcoin on Twitter.

Bitcoin is pretty calm just like our streets in this time of containment. But no chance of getting bored with the BTC even when its courses are flat: you can always count on its detractors as on its defenders, to animate the community.


Litecoin, welcome in the Silver Age


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