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Bishop of Rancagua warns against former Catholic priests celebrating rites of other religions – 2024-04-25 00:57:53

A warning call was made by the Bishop of Rancagua, Monsignor Guillermo Vera through a statement addressed to the Catholic community where he reported on the worrying situation of three former diocesan priests since according to the bishop they would be confusing people.

“Our brothers who until a few years ago were priests among you, who celebrated with you, who taught you the faith, and who for various reasons left the priesthood, today appear attached to another church and celebrating rites that confuse many, because They use priestly vestments or gestures similar to those of the Catholic liturgy and all this, in places where until some time ago they served as Catholic priests,” said Monsignor Vera.

In the statement, the bishop expressed his concern about the confusion that these three former priests could be generating among the faithful, since they were an active part of the Catholic community and are now attached to another church, “I am referring to people that many of you already knew.” whom not a few esteem because they have cultivated a friendship and closeness: Don Freddy Gorigoitia, Don Pablo Donoso, Don Claudio Lizana.”


Monsignor Vera made it clear that they are no longer Catholic priests, since they are now associated with another creed, the Anglican Episcopal Church, which differs in essential aspects from the teachings of the Catholic Church. “As your bishop, it is my duty to tell you with pain that these brothers are not Catholic priests, that they today adhere to another church that in essential things has nothing to do with the teachings of the Catholic Church, for the same reason a Catholic person “You cannot look there for the means of sanctification that the Lord left for His people,” remarked the Bishop of Rancagua.

The bishop emphasized the importance of living the faith in communion with the Pope and the bishops, highlighting that those who have distanced themselves from Catholicism do not live this fundamental characteristic. “Something typical of the Catholic is to live his faith in union with the Pope, vicar of Christ, successor of Saint Peter and very united with the bishop who in your midst is the shepherd who, walking alongside his brothers, encourages them in the faith; These two characteristics that are so typical of the Catholic are not experienced by those of us who have departed.”

Monsignor Vera concluded his message by remembering the importance of taking care of the faith and not being carried away by teachings that contradict Catholic doctrine. “We have all met people who have demonstrated their faith, like them: let us fix our gaze on Jesus, let nothing entangle us…” he concluded.

Let us remember that Freddy Gorigoitia was parish priest of El Manzano (Las Cabras) and in 2018 he was accused of belonging to a network of priests who had committed inappropriate conduct; he resigned from the ministry in July of that year. While Pablo Donoso, who served as parish priest of Pichilemu and was suspended from his parish position for being accused of being part of the network, a position to which he did not return after being dismissed.

For his part, Claudio Lizana was in charge of the La Compañía Sanctuary for a time.

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