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The Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications has put a map online with all places where fiber is available to consumers. The map will be updated quarterly to show how fiber is developing in Belgium.

The map is on the BIPT website† There are currently not many places on it, because fiber optic is available to consumers to a limited extent; there is only one area of ​​one operator on the map. On the map, each update can be viewed separately via the slider on the left. This makes it possible to see how the fiber offer will expand in the coming years. The map also shows which operators offer fiber optic services.

Fiber optic for home use only, fiber to the home, can be found on the map. It would be unclear if fiber optics for, for example, transmission towers would also be on the map, says the BIPT† The government agency already came up with to inform consumers about the state of fiber optics in Belgium. The map will also be there. There is no comparable initiative from a government agency in the Netherlands. However, various companies keep track of the availability of fiber optic, such as consultancy Stratix† Tweakers wrote a background story about some time ago how fiber is going in the Netherlands.

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