Bindu Panicker: The versatile actress who can do both comedy and serious roles with ease

Bindu Panicker is a popular actress in Malayalam cinema. Bindu Panicker, who can do comedy roles with ease, has created many hit characters. Bindu Panicker has broken comedy scenes in several films like Joker, Srikrishnapuram Nakshatrathilakam and Glugam. Along with that, Bindu Panicker has also performed serious roles with excellence.

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Bindu Panicker played a notable role in the films Sutradharan, Manchadikuru and Roshak. The actress had a break in her career. Bindu Panicker made a strong comeback with the role of the villain in the movie Roshak. This was a character that surprised the entire audience. Actor and MLA Mukesh has shared an interesting experience about Bindu Panicker.

Mukesh says that Bindu Panikkar is a talented actress who can stand alongside actresses like KPAC Lalitha and Adoor Bhavani. Mukesh also commented that if he gets a character, he will break it in his own way.

Mukesh shared what happened while participating in a Gulf show with Bindu Panicker through his YouTube channel. ‘TK was a star show directed by Rajeev Kumar. After the show in UAE went to Qatar. Stayed in Qatar for three days. On the very first day, TK Rajeev Kumar said that there is a very serious meeting and all the members should come. We all went’

‘Everyone comes to the show to see the movie stars. If you go out, no one will come to the show saying you saw them and took a photo. If you go out on three days off, the sponsor will incur a loss. At his request, no one should go out. Everyone’s worried’

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‘Many had to meet their relatives. But Rajeev Kumar said that the law is one for all. Finally everyone agreed. Finished at the hotel. Rajeev Kumar and I are standing near the reception. The lift is towards the reception.

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‘As we speak, the lift suddenly opens. The veiled woman left. Specific types of behavior. They ran and got into the car. I asked Rajeev Kumar if he understood the man. It was the point maker. Rajeev Kumar told me to leave it alone, don’t tease them or they might get into trouble. I thought it was right.

Later, Mukesh remembered that Bindu Panicker used to be in front of him in rehearsals and so on. ‘What do I look at when I look at Bindu Panikkar? He said that if there is anything in mind, it is in vain. The next morning, Bindu asked if he had eaten. He ate it, then… he said that we don’t want it.’

I asked what is the matter because it started from before him. Bindu Panicker held on till noon. Mukesh recalled that Rajeev Kumar said that he did not mean anything and said to us that Rajeev Kumar and I were standing and he walked towards us and said, I am not the one you mean.

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