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Bilyet Giro Rp2 Trillion in the Name of Heryanti Viral, Real or Fake?

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Viral photo of bilyet giro in the name of Heryanty who is suspected to be the youngest child of a businessman Akidi Tio.

In the photo that was circulated the day after tomorrow, it was stated that Rp 2 trillion was disbursed through bilyet giro to and from Bank Mandiri accounts.

Two names were written, Heryanty and Heni Kresnowati, as well as their accounts in the viral bilyet giro.

Moment South Sumatra Tribune perform a search, the two account numbers listed on the bilyet giro are valid.

Allegedly, the Rp 2 trillion fund written on the bilyet giro was used as a Covid-19 grant from Akidi Tio.

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Photo of Bilyet Giro 2 Trillion circulating on behalf of Heryanti on social media. This is the explanation of Bank Mandiri (Social media/ tribunsumsel.com)

Regarding the viral bilyet giro, Bank Mandiri was reluctant to comment.

This, said Regional CEO of Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, Region II / Sumatra 2, Lourentius Aris Budiyanto, in accordance with the Banking Law which does not allow leaking information.

“Sorry about that, according to the rules, I can’t comment yet,” said Aris, Monday (2/8/2021).

So, is the bilyet giro genuine?

If you look at the points contained in the bilyet giro, it is in accordance with the formal requirements listed on the site Bank Indonesia (BI).

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