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Billboard and Twitter team up for a chart of musical trends

Billboard and Twitter have officially announced their association to create “The Billboard Hot Trending”, a table that reflects the latest musical trends.

Billboard has been increasing its collaborations in recent months, after an association with Facebook and Genius, it’s Twitter’s turn. It will be in the form of a table fed in real time like the Twitter trends, but with the artists, the songs or the albums. This marketing tool giving pride of place to artists’ news will also be available on the website of Billboard.

The table, updated every 24 hours, will therefore be a ranking like the top 100 or 200 Billboard (ranking of the most popular singles and albums in the United States), where the most cited artists will be displayed on the social network. Where it will be potentially interesting is that artists who have bad buzz or communities very present on the network can be part of the Twitter ranking without being on the Top 100 Billboard. It will therefore be very interesting to see the disparities and differences within the two rankings.

The association, announced on May 5, at the Digital Content NewFronts (annual marketing conference) has at least the merit of being ambitious and out of step with the Billboard. If we don’t have a date yet, this project should arrive very soon.

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