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Nobody would have expected this news: Bill and Tom Kaulitz will follow in Thomas Gottschalk’s footsteps and take over the moderation of “Wetten, dass…”. More information here.

Update December 6th: When asked by the media group IPPEN.MEDIA to confirm the report, ZDF commented cautiously: “As with ‘Wetten, dass…?’ ZDF will decide in due course – and it hasn’t been decided yet.” So is the claim in the podcast just a gag by Bill and Tom Kaulitz?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz make an announcement: Apparently they are taking over “Wetten, dass…”

The musicians Bill and Tom Kaulitz (34) have had their podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” for over two years. What makes the podcast so successful? That the brothers don’t mince words and sometimes talk about Hollywood things. Like in the latest episode, where they made a big announcement, as MANNHEIM24 reports.

names Bill and Tom Kaulitz
Birthday 1. September 1989
Broadcast (current) The voice of Germany

Thomas Gottschalk moderates “Wetten,dass…” for the last time – are the Kaulitz brothers his successors?

After Thomas Gottschalk (73) hosted “Wetten,dass…” with a short break since 1987, he is now leaving the show for good. His last broadcast on November 26th was accompanied by a heated online discussion, which arose primarily from his behavior towards rapper Shirin David (28). It’s not so bad that a breath of fresh air is now coming into the show – in the form of Bill and Tom Kaulitz!

The two “Tokio Hotel” stars excitedly announce this in their latest podcast episode. Tom had already blurted out the news during his acceptance speech at the 1Live Krone Awards. Bill and Tom Kaulitz won the “Best Entertainment” category there. Now the two have officially confirmed the whole thing again: from 2025 they will moderate “Wetten,dass…”!


Tom Kaulitz says obediently: “We’re following in big footsteps.”

According to Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the public reacted to the announcement in different ways. Some sent the two congratulatory messages, while others were already rushing back online. “People still don’t seem to be completely open to a change,” says Tom, explaining the negative reactions.

Although he and Bill weren’t particularly impressed by Gottschalk’s last show, they are still aware that they have “big shoes to fill.” Nevertheless, they want to give the show their own touch. It will still take over a year, but we can already be excited to see how “Wetten, dass…” with the Kaulitz brothers turns out. (sks)

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