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“Big Tu” boils back against the blame Make bad economy Tell the NACC. It’s a little difficult. Let’s get familiar.

“Big Tu” boils back against the Prime Minister Make bad economy Don’t take the COVID-19 problem To connect politics Point all over the world has been affected. It is difficult to tell the public a little. So be familiar

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At 13.20 on Feb. 15 at the Government House Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Interviewed after the Cabinet meeting on the economic impact of the COVID-19 situation, Thailand may be affected, perhaps more or less in some fields. In conclusion, all affected, all hurt, the government must help take care of this. Even if necessary, the budget is limited. The rules and laws are tight.

So try to find a measure that makes it accessible to everyone. And today there are measures proposed at the cabinet meeting as well In order to adjust the measure for soft loans, any of these Please continue to follow this matter. The economic situation, it must be considered how the first stage of the economic epidemic is. How is the Ripple 2 epidemic? If you look at the moment with fairness, you can see that the impact on wave 2 is less than wave 1 and wave 2 if we can control it again. And we promote whether it is a measure of low-interest credit Or measures to help people He thought that in many things the economy would improve.

So many people claim that I make the economy worse. Must look at how the global economy and the regional economy are How about the country around the house? Many things, we are better than him. Therefore, it is the cooperation of us, both the people, the government agencies, as well as the political parties. Don’t bring these problems to political problems. It will make the administration impossible. And who will suffer harm. People, the nation, is loved by everyone. And everyone who lives on this land, how to make it calm? So everyone has to help each other, ”Gen Prayut said.

premier Said that their policy as the head of government is to solve as many people problems as possible. Today there are many measures that have been taken to relax. Various limits are supported to reach Both the public sector Business sectors SME startups have also unlocked many things. It must be gradually processed according to the information available. In trouble Must be done succinctly People may have a little difficulty. Would like to get familiar with these matters

Because today we have to administer the government Or moving forward in terms of budgeting In regard to payments in our new way Both in terms of application This is moving forward the country in the near future. All countries are like this. You will not be able to modify it. But the main thing he emphasized must be down to the people Maybe a little slow, you have to try.

Gen. Prayut Mentioned the registration, we won that He knows that there has been crowding and crowding at this time. There’s time already, don’t you need to come on the first day? Maybe it’s too tight Care capacity Perhaps the documentary meeting takes a lot of time. One day may not be much. But if we keep coming together it won’t be crowded Because there is a predetermined time period If not, you can expand it if necessary. Today he ordered the Ministry of Finance to look at this matter.

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