Big Brother Vip, Patrizia Rossetti appoints Barbara D’Urso, Prati’s reaction goes viral [VIDEO]

“Don’t mention it to me!” the piqued reaction of Pamela Prati on Barbara D’Urso. The video immediately goes viral but new criticisms arrive for the Sardinian showgirl. In the Casa del Gf Vip, old questions that have never been resolved come back to the surface:

In the House of the Big Brother Vip, Patrizia Rossetti has nominated Barbara D’Urso mentioning it in front of Pamela Prati and the reaction of the Sardinian showgirl immediately went viral.

If I don’t like a person … I’ll give you an example, Barbara D’Urso “ began the Lipsticks chatting with the former Bagaglino star, who immediately raised her hand, begging her companion in adventure not to mention her anymore.

It therefore seems that the old issues between the Prati and D’Urso are far from resolved. During the scandal of Mark Caltagironethe non-existent entrepreneur with whom the showgirl had to get married, many programs have dealt with the case, includingI Barbara D’Urso during the prime time Sunday of Canale 5, Live- It’s not D’Urso. The To wash she was also a guest on the talk show and left the studio live shortly after the interview began. Over the following months, the former Bagaglino star seems to have had sued is Mediaset that the D’Ursobut then withdraw the complaints in order to enter the Big Brother Vip.

Of Caltagirone case the reality show will also take care of it as stated by Alfonso Signorini at the behest of the same To wash who for years has been claiming to have been the victim of a scam, contrary to what her former agents claim, Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo.

According to the reaction of the To washif the issues with Mediaset seem to have been resolvedthose towards the D’Ursothey still seem far from a happy ending.

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