Bielefeld: anti-corona mouth and throat rinse developed – Westfalen-Lippe – Nachrichten

The agent was researched together with the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at the Bielefeld Clinic. The amount of viruses in the mouth and throat will be reduced by up to 90 percent, said the company Dr. Wolff with.

The mouth and throat rinse had been tested on Covid-19 patients. The first research results are promising. Not only does the viral load decrease, the risk of infection can also be reduced. Further studies are to be carried out.

The effect of gargling is short-term

The idea is not new. According to Quarks science experts, some conventional mouthwashes can reduce the viral load in the throat, which makes infected people less contagious – but only for a short time. Because the virus gets into the throat within a few minutes. There it sits in the cells. The virus can then no longer be washed away.

Gargling is still useful under certain conditions, for example at the dentist. There, patients have had to gargle for a long time before treatment, as the staff is thus protected from infection, at least for a short time.

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