Biden Warns Jakarta Threatened to Sink in the Next 10 Years


WASHINGTON – President United States of America (USA) Joe Biden has warned that the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, is in danger of sinking in the next 10 years.

His remarks came as Biden spoke about climate change in a welcoming speech at the office of the US Director of National Intelligence on July 27.

According to Biden, climate change is the biggest threat to the US. “I will never forget the first time I jumped into the tank as Vice President after I was elected. The Department of Defense says the biggest threat America faces: climate change,” Biden said.

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“If, in fact, sea levels rose another two and a half feet, you would have millions of people migrating, fighting over fertile land. You see what’s happening in North Africa. What makes us think this is not important? It’s not your responsibility, but it’s something you watch because you know what’s going to happen,” Biden said.

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“People who are Muslim, and the only difference is black and/or Arab, killing each other thousands of people for a fertile land, a piece of fertile land, in North Central Africa. But what happens, what happens in Indonesia if the projections are right that, in the next 10 years, they may have to move the capital city because they will be underwater?” he said.

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“This is important. This is a strategic question as well as an environmental question,” he explained.



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  1. Why the American is more concern about other’s country problems than the similar problem facing by the USA? How about the fire in California ?

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