Biden accused Trump of surrendering to the pandemic

According to Biden, Meadows’s statement was not a contradiction, but “a sincere acknowledgment of what has apparently been President Trump’s strategy since the beginning of the crisis: waving a white flag of defeat and hoping that the virus will leave if he ignores it.”

According to the former US vice president, it is no surprise with the current head of state that “the virus is spreading uncontrollably across the country and even across the White House.” The coronavirus infection has currently been confirmed by Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and “several other members of the vice president’s office.” President Trump, his wife Melania and son Barron have also been infected with it before.

A White House chief told CNN today that the current administration “will not control the pandemic.” “We will control the fact that we will receive the vaccine and drugs,” he said.

President Trump himself commented on the development of the pandemic in the USA today at the pre-election meeting in the state of New Hampshire. According to him, the government is managing the situation and even without a vaccine it can flatten the curve of the infection. “It will be over. And you know who did it. Me. Would you believe it?” the Republican president told the assembled supporters.

The covidu-19 pandemic is one of the big topics ahead of the upcoming US presidential election, scheduled for November 3. However, over 58 million Americans have already voted in a preliminary or correspondence vote.

According to the Johns Hopkins University (JHU), which has been monitoring the development of the pandemic for a long time, more than 8.6 million people in the USA have already infected the SARS-CoV-2 virus. More than 225,000 died with the covid-19.

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