Beware of the Dangers of Chickenpox in Pregnant Women, Here’s How to Prevent it

BANGKAPOS.COM – Smallpox water is an infection caused by the varicella zoster virus (VVZ).

This virus belongs to the Herpesviridae family.

So, like other Herpesviridae families, once infecting humans, VVZ will live a lifetime in the body of the host or sufferer.

VVZ infection will usually cause several symptoms chicken pox as follows:

* Fever

* Lesions or watery spots on the patient’s body

* Usually preceded by swelling of the lymph nodes in several parts of the patient’s body

Launch Mayo Clinic, at the time of signs or symptoms chicken pox has improved, VVZ lives inactive (dormant) in the nerves of the sufferer and can react again if the patient is unwell.

However, even though the patient can be infected again with VVZ, the symptoms will be very mild because the body has developed immunity to the virus so that it is often not realized.

Hence, conditions chicken pox it is often assumed that they will never appear again, once someone has been attacked.

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