Beware of Genital Acne, Contagious During Sex

VIVAMollusc Contagiosum (MK) is also known as genital acne which is annoying. Because, skin disease it occurs in the area around the genitals and is easily transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.

Although it can appear in children, this disease also occurs in many adults. According to a skin specialist, dr. Anthony Handoko, SpKK, FINSDV, from 100 thousand inhabitants, there are around 1,200-1,400 cases of molluscum contagiosum.

Furthermore, Anthony explained, Molluscum Kontagiosum is an infection of the skin caused by the pox virus. This disease causes lumps that are usually less than 0.25 inches in diameter and have a small dot in the center of the lump.

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This disease is a highly contagious viral infection and can be passed from person to person through frequent and repeated skin-to-skin contact. In sexually active adults, transmission is most common through sex. Second, through non-sexual means such as holding tight hands.

“Most molluscum have no symptoms, no pain, itching if there is minimal itching,” said Anthony in a virtual media briefing with Pramudia Clinic.

Unfortunately, many people find out if they have molluscum contagiosum. Moreover, acne-like spots often appear in folds such as the groin, near the genital area, or covered in pubic hair.

Although it does not affect the overall health condition of the body, this disease should not be ignored. Given, the transmission is very fast.

The incubation period for molluscum contagiosum is 2-6 months. That is, this disease can occur up to six months after contact or even one year. However, it can also depend on a person’s immune condition. If immunity decreases, the onset of disease can be faster. Or, if immunity is good, this disease may not arise.

“Molluscum is actually just a disease of the upper skin layer or epidermis, or attacks the thin skin. Hence, the groin is the most common, or the elbow,” said Anthony.

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The shape is also unique even though it is similar to acne. Generally, the shape is white or pink, but what is distinctive is the indentation in the middle.

If you suspect this disease in the genital area, immediately consult a doctor. Treatment of molluscum contagiosum must be done several times until the symptoms do not appear again.

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