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Beverung’s Christmas lights shine in new splendor

Beverungen (red). In keeping with the first weekend of Advent, the Beverungen Christmas lights are hanging, which are installed every year by Beverungen Marketing eV with the support of Elektro Hartmann. This year, the Christmas lights, which date from 2011, were partially renovated as there have been increasing number of light arch failures in recent years. Of the total of 16 illuminated arches, 8 arches were initially replaced. “Together with the board, we decided on a “restructuring”. The frame of the defective light arches was reused and decorated with green garland and equipped with LED mini lights, which are even more energy efficient,” explains Verena Hoppe (Managing Director of Beverungen Marketing eV). In the coming years, the other illuminated arches will be gradually renewed. The Christmas lights shine in the area of ​​Burgstrasse, Weserstrasse and Langen Strasse and create an atmospheric ambience in Beverung’s city center during the dark season.
Beverungen Marketing eV would like to take this opportunity to thank the city and the Beverungen district committee for their financial support. A special thank you goes to all the volunteers, the Elektro Hartmann team and the DRK Beverungen local association, who actively helped with the installation and suspension in the frosty temperatures in the evening hours.

Photo: Beverungen Marketing eV

2023-12-03 04:22:18
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