Between Le Havre and New York: embark aboard the legendary liner France in a documentary

A documentary broadcast on France 5 retraces the history of the “technology monster” that was the France, legendary transatlantic linked to the port of Le Havre. (©Label Image)

It’s a trip aboard the France offered by France 5, Thursday January 14, 2021. As part of its Science Large Format program, the channel takes viewers aboard the legendary transatlantic. A sea crossing, between Le Havre and New-York, to indulge in a bit of a dream but also to discover the secrets of this “monster of technology”.

An industrial and technological feat

Aired at 8:50 p.m., The Great Adventure of France will come back to the history of the construction of the ship, ordered by the Minister of Merchant Marine in the 1950s, which “was to be the longest, thinnest, lightest and fastest”.

Showcase of French know-how, designed to represent the best of the naval industry of its time, the France was not only a temple of luxury and refinement. The documentary “offers a dive into the heart of machinery and technology which, even today, equip ships around the world“.

Forerunner of cruise ships, the last of the great transatlantic liners, the ship alone embodies the grandeur and the decline of maritime transport. The opportunity to understand that beyond the myth, the France, completely innovative in its time, allowed the emergence of several technologies that have become the keystones of shipbuilding.

The Great Adventure of France

Broadcast on Thursday January 14, 2021 at 8:50 p.m. on France 5. Available in preview on France TV.

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