Bernie Sanders: So he came under pressure in the TV duel of the Democrats

Iowa. New Hampshire, last Nevada – was in all three area codes Bernie Sanders in the field of democratic contenders for the presidency. His competitors must fear that the left senator will march through. The TV duel came just in time for the next election in South Carolina. Sanders had to listen to considerable reservations right at the start.

The former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg said on Tuesday evening (local time) that Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin wanted to support Sanders in the pre-election campaign – so that ultimately US President Donald Trump would be re-elected. “Russia will help you,” said Bloomberg literally. In the event of a second Trump term, the effects would still be felt in decades.

Shortly thereafter, the former vice president threw Joe Biden Sanders claims to have voted against a stricter gun law as a senator.

Moderate senator Amy Klobuchar and former mayor Pete Buttigieg also criticized Sanders’ proposals for statutory health insurance for all US citizens. The plans are not fundable – and would ultimately contribute to Trump’s re-election.

The left-wing senator like Sanders Elizabeth Warren said she advocated “progressive ideas” just like the 78-year-old. In contrast to Sanders, she worked deeply on topics such as stricter rules for Wall Street and a realistic reform of the health system. “That’s why I would make a better president,” said Warren.

Sanders defended himself vehemently, but did not leave the increased attention to himself uncommented. He is now leading most national surveys in which Biden was long ahead. Sanders smugly commented on his role as favorite: “My name comes up very often this evening. Why is that?”

For Obama’s ex-vice, it could soon be anything

The next Democratic area code will be held in South Carolina on Saturday. In a week, the so-called Super Tuesday takes place, on which elections are held in 14 states. Super Tuesday is about a third of all delegates, who will then appoint President Trump’s challenger in July. Then a preliminary decision might already have been made.

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The choice in South Carolina is particularly important for Biden. He has repeatedly pointed out his high popularity ratings among the African American population. These are significantly larger in the southern state than in Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden desperately needs a strong result this weekend to prevent an early exit from his campaign.

Mockery for Biden after Patzern on stage

Most recently, Biden had afforded new verbal slips in the election campaign. In the past, these had raised doubts about its suitability for the post in the White House. When he appeared in South Carolina, he was wrong about the job he was applying for: “My name is Joe Biden and I am a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate,” said the 77-year-old former vice president.

A video of this appearance circulated on Tuesday on the online networks and caused a lot of ridicule. Biden was a member of the U.S. Senate for 36 years before serving as deputy of the then president from 2009 to 2017 Barack Obama officiated.

At another appearance in South Carolina, he praised his joint efforts with Obama for China‘s accession to the Paris climate change agreement of 2015 – but mentioned an alleged meeting with head of state “Deng Xiaoping” in this context. However, Deng Xiaoping died in 1997. China‘s head of state has been Xi Jinping since 2013.

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