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Benefits and Tips for Buying at Pawn Shops: How to Avoid Scams and Make Smart Purchases

Buying at pawn shops has multiple advantagesFor example, semi-new products usually have a cheaper price coupled with seasonal discounts, and there are even things that during their exhibitions and sale to the public were very difficult to get, or some others like tools, can get you out of a emergency.

Tips for buying at a pawn shop

However, Great care must be taken when purchasing the products, then could have multiple failures such as unusable functions, knocks, among other defects that will transform your purchase into a very bad investment. For this reason, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office has launched a series of tips to avoid falling into a scam.

Buying at pawn shops has multiple advantages. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Check the pawn shop registration

Each of these commercial properties must have a registration with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office, which will give greater confidence to customers; You can check all the details of the celebration on the official page of the institution at the link: https:// rpce.profeco.gob.mx/casa_empeno.php

Check the details

Verify that all the details promised in the product are correct. For example, in the case of jewelry, you can see both the weight, the karatage, the material and even the brand correspond one hundred percent with the labels. This way you can avoid falling into a scam.

Great care must be taken when purchasing products. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Check if it works

You should also check if everything works as it should. In the case of all the products that need to be connected to the light, or that use batteries, that are charged, that connect via Bluetooth, among others, They can and should be verified before you make the corresponding payment.


Most of these products should also come with exchange policies in case of any failure, It should also be clear what is necessary to return the product in exchange for the full amount of moneythey can even have guarantees. If they don’t give you the information, you can ask about it.

Check that all the details on the label are correct. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Save the proof of purchase

All of the above must be clarified through the proof of purchase. which will be delivered to you at the time of payment. The moment you have it in your hands, you must verify that you have all the detailed information such as price, purchase date, etc. It will help you for future clarifications.

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