Belle and Sebastian – What to look for in summer (Matador Records)

After his official direct If you’re feeling sinister: Live at the Barbican (2005), The BBC Sessions (2008) and Live 2015, comes to us at the end of 2020 What to look for in summer, the fourth album of its kind by one of the most imposing pop clans of the last 25 years. Naturally, the allusion is referred to Belle and Sebastian, a formation that in the relation “quantity / quality” of beautiful and delicate songs only surpasses them The Beatles and a very small number of other groups, since music was invented, for the first time, 35,000 years ago.

The followers of these golden Scotsmen have been pleading when it comes to demanding the latter to put into orbit an album, live, of their international tour of 2019. Indeed, if the mentioned three previous shows in front of the people were edited playing In the United Kingdom, this new record delivery takes place mainly in places in the United States such as Michigan, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Cleveland and Boston. On the other hand, performances taken from the festival are also added Boaty Weekender, which takes place during a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, with a round trip between Barcelona and Cagliari. As a further addition, it also appears as Pamplona headquarters, for the assembly of the LP.

Este muy completo repaso a la totalidad de la carrera del combo frente a las audiencias, incluye las exitosas “Funny little frog”, “Step into my office, baby”, “Wrapped up in books”, “The fox in the snow”, “We were beautiful”, “ I didn’t see it coming”, “The boy with the arab strap”, “If she wants me”, “My wandering days are over” o “Dog on wheels”. Además, de modo intrépido y aplaudible, los muy versátiles Belle and Sebastian They have ventured to include songs that are not so popular but equally formidable such as “Seeing other people”, “Stay Loose”, “Beyond the sunrise”, “Nice day for a sulk” or “Dirty dream number two”; among other.

Through an emotional texture, he concludes the selection of 23 songs with the gentle and endearing “Belle and Sebastian”, whose title obviously matches the name of the band.

In What to looking for in summer many of the tracks present a technique, an interesting and logical evolution and novel details to uncover, and then savor, by music lovers.

Therefore, other “hits” such as “I’m a cuckoo”, “Legal man”, “I want the world to stop”, “White collar boy”, “The blues are still blue” or “Like Dylan in the movies ”, as some more representative examples of absences from the cited list. A circumstance this same that, however, does not keep so much relevance and for which one can be indulgent with the prodigies of Glasgow, which have already shown on countless occasions that they have all the credit; As the icing on the cake, they change the repertoire day after day, during a tour. And it is also that, as their memorable melodies are counted by dozens and dozens, it is evident that all of them would not fit in a single concert, this one released on CD, as if to satisfy all the different types of listeners!

We will continue to express that Belle and SebastianDue to the pandemic, they were forced to cancel a trip to Los Angeles where they were preparing to record new songs in the studio, so they reconsidered another type of release for this 2020. Therefore, at the time of structuring and planning What to looking for in summer (of funny and “titeresque” cover, by the way), this was inspired by the live shows of the 70s, Yessongs of Yes (Let us also remember that the “ex-Yes” Trevor Horn was producer of the album, 2003, Dear catastrophe waitress) and Live and Dangerous of Thin Lizzy (Clarify that this rock band was already honored by those from Glasgow also in the lyrics of “I’m a cuckoo”, from the same 2003, since Stuart Murdoch is a fan of Phil Lynnot and cia.).

Although it is yearned, anyway, components of the early days such as Isobel Campbell, Mick Cooke O Stuart David, however this What to looking for in summer, offered by Stuart Murdoch, Sarah martin, Stevie Jackson, Chris Geddes, Bobby Kildea, Dave McGowan and Richard Colburn, it is full of enchanting colors, radiant magic and heightened sensitivity; as well as a careful symmetry between simplicity and sophistication. And it is that the music of the certain Belle and Sebastian never cloying and never stops falling in love: said new LP, live, is the irrefutable and definitive proof of all this.

Escucha Belle and Sebastian – What to look for in summer

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