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Belgorod. Almost personal.: tugoser_godovas — LiveJournal

Almost all living relatives of my wife are from Belgorod.

In the morning I told her about the night strike on Belgorod and even said that the main blow had come along Mayakovsky Street – I remember it very well, it is not far from Vokzalnaya, where one of her three aunts, now deceased, lived.

At first, the wife answered that she vaguely remembered such a street, then she remembered that the mother-in-law of this late aunt lived there, and now her cousin Andrei lives in this house with his family, dialed him, did not get through, then called Aunt Olya (she lives, by the way, very close to the airfield, where, it turns out, a blow was also struck, which, for some reason, is silent in the news!) and found out that the main blow hit the house, located one through one from Andrey’s house – his shed and outdoor toilet were demolished in the depths of the plot, in the house itself (it is old, dilapidated already), the wall has shifted, his one-year-old daughter was injured by some fragments or chips from this moved wall – how seriously, the details are still unknown!

About the dead – aunt Olya said that they were a family of refugees from Gorlovka – that’s how you will believe, involuntarily, in the saying that you cannot escape fate, into karma and all that!

I don’t know how anyone, but such things have not been surprising to me for a long time, and sometimes, especially in moments of an emotional outburst, although it happens very rarely, nevertheless, various kinds of insights come, some kind of “knowledge” about the future – for example, in in the past, my mother repeatedly convinced me to return from St. Petersburg to the Donbass, to Kramatorsk, to which I (it was back in the 2000s) twice gave out such phrases in my hearts:

“But how can you call me here at all, especially with my family, with children – this is a cursed land, nothing good will happen here for another hundred years, but it will only get worse and worse!”

and, in 2009:

– A few years will pass and they will come to kill you!

(to which numerous relatives at the table neighed in unison)

Such unexpected, at one time, rather sad predictions turned out – in moments when the mind goes a little into the shadows, and instead of it, the subconscious mind, which has escaped from its oppression, speaks, which always knows much more than the rational, but such a narrow-minded mind-reason!

PS Meanwhile, the record, somehow, entered the TOP-200 and Ukrainians immediately came running – to be glad that it was the refugees who died – it is this fact that pleases them most of all – amazing scum!

Deleted the snarky comments, of course!

In the Vremya program, by the way, they said that the refugees were from the Kharkiv region, and not from Gorlovka, as Aunt Olya said – I don’t know whose version is correct: if Andrei told Aunt Olya that the dead were from Gorlovka, then, then rather, her – he, as a neighbor, probably knows better.

However, the Bandera scum is all the same – if a person went to Russia from mortal danger, and not to Poland, for example, then, according to their version, he should not live – like Russians, Russians – and this is a tragedy no less than the death of innocents – how the Ukrainians have slumped, how low Ukraine has fallen under the skillful supervision of its foreign masters!

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