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“Belen Rodriguez’s Love Story: Explosive Background Emerges on Her Relationship with Antonino Spinalbese”

Belen Rodriguez – solospettacolo.it (web source)

An explosive background emerges on the love story of Belen Rodriguez: the unsettling confession forces the direction to censorship.

The Argentine showgirl is once again at the center of fiery gossip, especially in light of her recent absence from the parterre of “Le Iene”.

The attractive South American has recently regained a semblance of serenity together with her partner Stephen DeMartinoand the famous couple raises their eldest son Santiago in concert, as well as the little Luna Marì, daughter of Belen and the hair-stylist Antonino Spinalbese.

The charming hairdresser is back from the “GF Vip 7” and, during the program, he reported some indiscretions regarding his relationship with the Mediaset presenter.

Despite the timely censor intervention of the direction, Antonino Spinalbese confessed some burning backgrounds: here’s what is the reason for the inflated break…

Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez: a very quarrelsome love

During his stay in the Cinecittà loft, Antonino Spinalbese retraced i more difficult moments of his separation from Belen Rodriguez.

There were the photographers, the gossip, his world… Then there were so many problems that arose. We were two things too far apart, two different worlds. I don’t know if loving each other is enough in a story. Now I think it was supposed to be like this. Then I always left home“. Antonino Spinalbese then added: “We quarreled and I left: I ran away. I hate quarrels, so I reacted by running away. After what happened, if I hadn’t become a father, I would have run away abroad.”. The direction of the “GF Vip” censored Antonino Spinalbese’s confession to such an extent, but his eloquent admission revealed the bellicose nature of his break with Belen.

Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez – solospettacolo.it (web source)

“It’s all for me”: Antonino Spinalbese confesses his greatest love

Despite the separation from the well-known soubrette, the hair-stylist feels boundless love for his daughter Luna Marì, currently entrusted to her mother.

My little girl is everything to me“, he revealed during his experience at the “GF Vip 7”. “I miss him, but I know he has all the love outside. He has the mother, and also all the grandparents. When I was young, I wanted to get married, but I didn’t want to have children. I always said that I didn’t see myself dad, and then instead life puts you in front of unexpected things…“. As for his private life, the ex Vippone would have replaced the flirtation with Ginevra Lamborghini in favor of a new acquaintance with the beauty queen Carolina Tighter… Soon the officialization on social networks?

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