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Behind the scenes of Avatar 2 are revealed in pictures

Since the release of the first film Avatar in 2009, fans have been eagerly awaiting (and we could say for a long time) a sequel. Precisely, photos recently shared on Instagram by its producer, Jon Landau, can only delight us.

These images show sets taken from the film set of the second part, Avatar 2, which, normally, is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 16, 2022. We also learn that filming resumed after the pause imposed by the situation health that the world is going through.

For your information, the filming of this opus is currently taking place in New Zealand. Among the photos shared by Landau, we will therefore appreciate an impressive representation of the High Camp Bio Lab, the famous room dedicated to the study of Pandora in the film.

Pictures that make fans even more impatient

Before the publication of these latest photos, we already had the opportunity to admire Kate Winslet in the middle of a motion capture session, alongside other actors in the film. There was also an underwater shot of the mythical Crab Suit as well as various conceptual images of beaches, which are also available on the web.

And through the latest images, showing the High Camp Bio Lab, James Landau offers us the opportunity to appreciate the remarkable work of the Kiwi team, without whom this wonderful setting could not have been produced. Landau does not fail to emphasize this fact.

But the shot that surely pleased fans the most is probably the one where we can see the famous director of this masterpiece, James Cameron, striking a pose in the middle of the High Camp Bio Lab. Jon Landau said that during this photo shoot, Cameron was studying the set, before starting filming.

You are aware that the release of Avatar 2 has been the subject of many and many delays, until reaching the date of December 16, 2022. A deadline which, we hope, will finally hold its promises. Especially since the team has apparently already taken into account the current health situation before giving this date.

Just over 15 months to go!

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