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Beekeepers: Nationwide mobilization in Athens – 2024-02-23 18:56:45

The country’s beekeepers will hold a pan-Hellenic mobilization in Athens tomorrow, Thursday, February 22, 2024, demanding immediate solutions to the chronic problems they face concerning production costs, as well as the inadequacy of controls against illegal imports.

The appointment has been given for 8 in the morning at the Constitution, while as part of the mobilization, meetings have been planned with the involved ministries (Agricultural Development and Food, Citizen Protection, and Transport), in order to present their requests to them, while they will provide relevant resolution in Parliament.

It should be noted that the decision on the mobilization was taken at the general meeting of the Federation of Beekeeping Associations of Greece (OMSE), which took place on February 17, 2024 and during which a coordinating committee of beekeepers’ mobilizations was elected.

Meetings have been scheduled with the ministries involved

What do they claim?

The beekeepers of the country point out that the requests of the sector that need an immediate solution are:

  1. Hellenizations (Administrative measures for full traceability of the course of imported honey. Institutionalization of gyroscopic examination as a laboratory control).
  2. Cost of production (de-taxing of fuel, keeping tax-free in the farmers’ tax regime)
  3. Removal of the restrictive fire regulations, which take away our right to work.
  4. Removal of restrictions of local Foresters. Placement of beehives, as defined by law 6238/1934.
  5. Pollination subsidy. Full inclusion in the CAP and greening.
  6. ELGA reform and total compensation for lost livestock.
  7. Traffic of beekeeping trucks on the side road network.

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