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Beauty Queen’s Boyfriend Deletes All Instagram Photos and Posts Sad Message – Fans Worried!

Anyway, Mom! Beauty queen’s fans shocked: ‘Irfan Fandy’, ‘Antonia’ boyfriend deletes all IG photos Plus a secretly sad post.

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It made fans quite worried. When someone with good eyesight went to look at Instagram, the young man “Irfan Fandy”, the sweetheart of the young lady “Antonia Posiu”, the 1st runner-up of Miss Universe 2023, deleted all the pictures. Only pictures remain while playing football while wearing a red shirt.

Plus delete your profile picture. and put up an IG story with a black background It is also in the form of the text “OFFLINE”.

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It made many people ask what happened. Ready to connect to their relationship

“There is a fan club for the imaginary couple. Are you here to cause trouble?”

”May both of you still love each other.

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“Maybe I don’t want to use social media. Because I encountered more troublesome people.”

“Ann, don’t you have time?”

However, the couple still follow each other on Instagram as before.

And now Antonia is still working normally.

By this morning Traveled to appear on the morning story program Ready to show signs of serious embarrassment After being teased by the famous news anchor “Sorrayut Sorayuth Suthatanachinda” who asked if he liked the young male lead “Nai Naphat” which Ann admitted that I’m delighted with this young man.

What is the reason for this work? I hope that their love will not have any problems.

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