Beautiful Boy Daisho Iwasaki and Yuto Nasu Appear on “Midnight Honey” Variety Show

Beautiful boy Daisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu (center), and Tsubomi comedians appearing on “Midnight Honey” broadcast on the 3rd (C) Fuji TV 6-person group, beautiful boy Daisho Iwasaki (*Saki = Tatsusaki) , Yuto Nasu will appear on the Fuji TV variety show “Midnight Honey” (1:25 p.m.), which will be broadcast on the 3rd. Surrounded by 12 groups of “budding comedians” who have not yet blossomed into the world, he watches two of them undergo a grueling showdown in the studio.

[Photo]The special edition cover is TREASURE

The bud comedians who will appear on the December broadcast are Leg Health Classroom, 9th Avenue Retro, Sekai Chizu, Sentinel, Someo Meatballs, Nama Pharaoh, Ningen Yokocho, Partie-chan, Pool, Marie Marie, and Mr. Big Adventure. , Raisin Dynamite. The first performer will be Raisin Dynamite, a rookie who only made his debut six months ago. In addition, Sekaijizu will make a “return” appearance for the first time in three months.

This is the second installment of “Unleash your communication skills! How far can you go in 48 hours?” In the first installment, Mr. Big Adventure has the rule that “the pair that can go farther after 48 hours with only the cooperation of the skinhead person wins”. and Edo Marie faced off, and a series of turbulent events ensued.

In the second episode, the two groups, Raw Pharaoh and Poole, face off with only the help of the “blonde person”. Starting at Tokyo Station, both groups immediately set out to earn money for their trip by making full use of the rule: “If you make a blonde person laugh, you get 1,000 yen in military funds.” Nama Pharaoh made the prediction that “more hairdressers = more blondes,” and immediately moved to Harajuku, where he made money by doing short stories that were hilarious on the show. On the other hand, there are scenes where Poole struggles to win people’s hearts with her blonde hair. As the two groups grow, the final episode is even more turbulent than the last episode.

Iwasaki and Nasu, who are watching the outcome of the fierce race between these two groups, said, “(This program) is the most entertaining program on late night!” They are also viewers of the same program, and the Tsubomi comedians were also very happy. Even during the recording, he enjoyed interacting with the energetic young people. In an interview after the recording, Iwasaki said that he was shocked by the forward-leaning posture of the Tsubomi comedians, and recalled, “There was so much pressure (from the comedians) that I was sweating while watching the VTR!” Nasu also said, “ I think this is a great episode!”, he praised the recording for its series of dramatic developments.

■Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu interview comments

–How did you feel after recording?

Iwasaki: It was a lot of fun! When I entered the studio, I felt a lot of pressure from all the bud comedians (lol). The recording was quite heated, and I was sweating while watching the VCR during the recording. (Even in the showdown) I was shocked to see how far we had come in just 48 hours! Moreover, there were some moving scenes along the way, which made it really fun.

Nasu: (Even if I could go in 48 hours) I thought it would be to Tohoku or Shikoku, so I never expected to go that far…! Moreover, it was a close second, and I wasn’t expecting it to turn out so dramatically, so I was very excited.

–If you were to take on this project, what would you do?

Nasu: That’s difficult! The two of you were calling out to the blonde in a normal way, but that in itself was an incredible act of courage.

Iwasaki: Some people were a little scared.

Nasu: (Iwasaki) What kind of strategy will you use?

Iwasaki: (The raw pharaoh did it) Making money in Harajuku is a good strategy!

Nasu: Certainly! There are young people there, and if it were us, we would imitate other comedians’ stories and make them laugh…! (lol)

–Please give a message to the viewers.

Iwasaki: I had a lot of fun recording it. The show is full of ups and downs, but it also has moments that will warm your heart, so please take a look!

Nasu: I think this time is a divine episode! There are some parts that are almost like a drama, and there will be developments that no one can predict, so please watch it!

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