Be careful when traveling to Japan!Tourists “crowded Kyoto buses” official festival 1 regulations

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After the epidemic stabilized, various countries opened their borders and unblocked them, and many people who love to go abroad also seized the opportunity to vacation abroad. Among them, Japan has always been a favorite country for tourists from all over the world, and Kyoto is also a major tourist town in Japan. Recently, there has been an influx of tourists. , however, local buses seem to be unable to handle the crowds of tourists, and the tourists’ large luggage makes the buses so crowded that they cannot move. In order to ensure the smooth operation of buses in the Kyoto area, Japan recently announced a new regulation.“It is prohibited to carry large luggage on buses in Kyoto City”people who want to play must pay special attention.

Be careful when traveling to Japan!Tourists

With the revival of overseas travel, a large influx of tourists in Kyoto, Japan, has overwhelmed local buses. (Illustration/Provided by Associated Press)

A Japanese netizen shared on the social platform Baggage problem. It is understood that as tourists flock to Kyoto, the local bus system has become the best tool for tourists to move around. However, the large number of tourists not only caused locals to complain, but the buses were also crowded with tourists’ luggage, making it difficult to move. Many people who want to take the bus are unable to get on the bus.

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In response, Kyoto City directly implemented a ban on carrying large luggage on buses, restricting tourists from bringing large luggage on buses, in order to accommodate more passengers and local people who want to take the bus, hoping to alleviate local traffic problems. In fact, the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau announced on February 1 this year that Kyoto’s one-day bus tickets had been discontinued at the end of September and would be officially abolished at the end of March next year. In the future, there are plans to launch “one-day subway and bus tickets”. It allows tourists to choose two modes of transportation, and they can also use the subway to move around and evacuate the huge flow of tourists.

Original source:Be careful when traveling to Japan!Tourists “crowd Kyoto buses” official festival rule 1: Violators will not be allowed on the bus

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