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“Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Map, Vehicles, and Weapons Coming June 7th”

EA is still trying to save Battlefield 2042 after more than a year and a half. Its fifth season will start June 7th and will bring major changes such as redesigned loadouts for vehicles, the return of the unit management system, and the addition of new weapons and gadgets. It is also part of the season a new map set in our regions. At first glance, however, we would not recognize that we are looking at the Czech countryside.

Part of the map Reclaimed, which is inspired by the fourth Battlefield, there will be a train track hidden in the forest. Nearby you will come across abandoned turbines or warehouses. You can also surprise the enemy with an attack from a bunker dug under a nearby mountain. In addition to this newcomer, you’ll also see changes to the Hourglass map, which should have better cover options in the new season.

Of course, the new season also means new battle pass, a sample of which you can see directly in the trailer. At least there is still a cut-down version available to players for free. It’s also worth noting that Battlefied 2042 can be played as part of a subscription EA Playwhich has been available alongside PC and consoles for a while now.

Source: PS.Blog

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