received a DDoS attack that affected the players of Diablo, Call of Duty or WoW

Los attacks by various hackers They are increasingly common in the video game sector, either for the purpose of trying to steal data, as happened with NVIDIA or Microsoft (with those responsible already behind bars), or “simply” to affect online services, as has just happened with Battle.netActivision Blizzard’s game client for PC.

As we can read in the official Blizzard help account, experienced a DDoS attack which resulted in latency issues, disconnections, and issues logging in and out of the app or in their games, affecting PC gamers of Diablo, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch o Starcraft (sagas that we can access from the client).

As we can see in the well-known web Downdetectorthe attack It started around 00:00 Spanish time and lasted a little over an hour and a half.with the maximum peak of those affected at 1 in the morning, minutes before Blizzard announced that it had managed to defend itself from the attack with the service returning to normal.

This is the second DDoS attack that affects in recent months, since last November this service received a similar attack. these attacks used by thousands and even millions of computers around the world infected with some type of malware to simultaneously connect to a server or service (in this case causing an overload of work that affects their performance and that gets to “throw it away”, with the problems that this entails both for the company and for its users.

Diablo Immortal and Warcraft: Arclight Rumble, the future of Blizzard goes through mobile

After this attack, Blizzard still working on the imminent release of Diablo: Immortalits Diablo for mobiles that will reach Android, iOS and PC (in this last case in beta mode) the next June 2.

For its part, it has also announced Warcraft: Arclight Rumbleand tower offense free-to-play for iOS and Android that you can read more information about through this link, a game that reminds us of Clash Royale although it seems to be much deeper and whose release date is unknown at the moment.

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