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Basketball, Euroleague: Milan in the playoffs after seven years

Olimpia clearly imposes itself in Belgrade and, thanks to the internal defeat of Real Madrid with Efes, returns to the top eight in Europe. It hadn’t happened since 2014

Olimpia crosses the finish line of the playoffs who, thanks to the defeat of Real against Efes, toast the postseason thanks to the overwhelming success (93-72) against the Red Star, first victory in 32 years in the home of the Serbs. Race dominated by the AX that controls the match from the very beginning, Punter (23 points) makes a sensational match as a luxury ex, excellent impact also for LeDay, Shields and Hines, only Loyd and Dobric are saved from the shipwreck of the Serbs.

the race

Milanese defense immediately protagonist at the start, the Red Star does not sting and the first mini break of the match is from the AX, 0-4 after the soft support of Micov. The partial of Olimpia that hits from the arc with LeDay rises, Serbs still dry in the middle of the first quarter, 0-10 after Hines’ free. Loyd and Hall unlock the hosts, the former Valencia stamps the 2 + 1 in penetration for at least 6, 9-15. The score remains firmly in the hands of coach Messina’s men, Shields and Datome keep the Red Star away at the first siren, 12-22. Great work also by the Brooks-Tarczewski duo who controls the colored area, Datome from the perimeter is a policy, 12-27. The 2-3 zone and the precision from the arc are the winning cocktail of a Milan that continues to control the game, 15-30. Serbs clinging to Dobric’s broadsides, Radonjic’s men proudly try to stay in the game, 23-32 after Davidovac’s penetration. Luna Park of three which remains open for Olimpia, Brooks and Punter last entered, with Rodriguez directing the orchestra, the guest advantage remains in double figures at mid-race, 36-47 after the 8-meter claw of Punter.

After the long break, the former protagonist of the day, theft with a solitary escape for the maximum margin of the AX, 36-53. Voragine that widens up to 23 with the impregnable Punter well backed by Roll, a race essentially in the archive already at 25 ‘, 41-64. The hosts who come out of the challenge have no energy and motivation, Shields shoots 5 yarn points that close the game, 44-69.
Stella Rossa: Loyd 22, Dobric 14, Hall, Simonovic and Jagodic-Play 7
Milano: Punter 23, LeDay e Shields 14

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